Professional Landscape Services

Our Landscape & Lawn Service is More Than Simply Mowing...

We pride ourselves on providing the South Placer County area with landscape and lawn maintenance services professionally performed to the highest standards. We improve and maintain your landscape's curb appeal and value with an unrivaled attention to detail.

Carefully Crafted Landscape Architecture and Expert Installations

The only way to get a landscape design you love is to have it custom designed by a professional trained in both design and horticulture. Olympus Pointe Landscape’s talented landscape designer will tailor a landscape that suits the three most important facets of design service:
  • Available Budget
  • Your Vision
  • Site Requirements

The Drought

With California more drought conscience than ever, we have broadened our expertise to include Subterranean irrigation for lawns both new and retrofitted as well as Xeriscape.
  • Xeriscape is the reduced use of water through redesign & often removal of lawn since lawn has traditionally used a significant amount of water in comparison to the rest of the landscape.
  • Subterranean irrigation is the use of drip line irrigation to supply water directly to the roots of the lawn, thereby eliminating wind drift, overspray and nearly eliminating evaporative loss. These type of drip systems will save 50%-70% of the water when compared to a traditionally irrigated lawn.
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